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Geophysical Survey Company & Archaeology Geophysics Consultants

Pre-Construct Geophysics Ltd has extensive experience of archaeological geophysics, having performed geophysical surveys in excess of 450 sites since 1999.
As one of the foremost geophysical survey companies in the UK, we have an extensive range of services including geophysics consulting, fluxgate gradiometer, resistivity and topsoil magnetic susceptibility surveys on sites ranging from small plots to major area and linear projects. We are linear scheme specialists, having surveyed approximately 900km of proposed water/gas pipeline routes (15m-40m wide corridors).

We currently use 3 Bartington 601instruments for detailed gradiometer surveys regularly achieving work rates of 8+ha/day.

PCG produce concise, informative and jargon free reports, tailored to fulfill the requirements of archaeological contractors/consultants, developers and curators.

The majority of geophysical surveys are carried out on agricultural land. Given the magnetic enhancement of clay during the firing process, clay land drains are typically detectable by gradiometer survey. As such, we provide a drain prospection service for farmers and land agents.

We are renowned throughout the UK as one of the leading geophysical survey companies. For further information or to receive a competitive quote, please get in touch today. We offer excellence in archaeology geophysics surveys and consulting.

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