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Land drains


George surveying next to  Hampton Court Palace Maze

PCG has carried out a number of large scale surveys, including; Proposed quarry sites, C.700km of gas and water pipelines, Major urban expansion schemes and Wind and solar energy farms.

Road schemes, including the proposed Lincoln Eastern bypass and the A14 improvement scheme in Cambridgeshire.

We have also surveyed a number of SAMs, including Lincoln Castle and other castles and abbeys in the East Midlands and have recently undertaken surveys at Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

Our more unusual projects include the new site of the elephant enclosure at Woburn Safari Park and surveys for the BBC series 'Hidden Treasures'.

Survey examples

Below: Extensive area survey - a substantial RB settlement was surveyed in the southern part of the site. A rapid topsoil magnetic susceptibility survey was undertaken across the remaining 95ha. This revealed 'hotspots' that were targeted by gradiometer transects, some of which were expanded.

This phased and economic approach revealed traces of two further settlement sites.

In 2004, PCG carried out a 140ha survey in Wiltshire. Two techniques were used, gradiometry and magnetic susceptibility to locate archaeological remains, two of which were existing Scheduled Ancient Monuments. One of the areas surveyed successfully revealed a ring ditch and a large rectangular enclosure (below).

Gradiometer Survey showing ring ditch and large rectangular enclosure.

Magnetic Susceptibility survey of the same area